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anion specialty chemicals

We are delighted to announce a new partnership and distribution agreement with Anion Specialty Chemicals based in Georgia, USA. Anion Specialty Chemicals are a leading supplier of eco-friendly Lubricants and Chemicals to the Pulp and Paper, Cement, Lime and Mineral Processing Industries.

Within the new partnership framework Taurus Industrial Services have been appointed as sole distributor for the UK and African Markets. Any enquiries from these regions can be e-mailed to

Anion Specialty Chemicals manufactures technologically advanced solutions for numerous manufacturing applications including Rotary Kiln Trunnion, Dryer and Mill Lubricants, Graphite Blocks, Melting Lubricating Bars and Nano-based Resurfacing solutions.

Please visit link below to the Anion Specialty Chemicals website where you can find full details and technical specifications on the range of products offered.

Anion Slickbar:

  • Melting lubricating bar designed to provide superior lubrication to the Kiln tire/shell interface.
  • Does not contain any hazardous ingredients and is considered 100% natural.


Anion Slickspray:

  • Highly-effective, non-flammable kiln tire spray lubricant.
  • Provides premium metal adhesion and greater load carrying characteristics than any other liquid support pad lubrication available on the market!


Anion WS 5300 Trunnion & Mill Bearing Fluid:

  • Can lower the temperature of your machinery’s hot bearings to normal.
  • Specially formulated for high-temperature conditions.

Anion D-Scale:

  • Multiple formulations for variety of metal and chemical requirements.
  • Certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 60.

Anion Graphite Blocks:

  • Highest porosity graphite stock available on the market.
  • Significantly reduces roller and tire wear.